Q: How do I renew my policy?

A: We will send you a letter one month before your policy expires, which will have all the details on how to renew and what your new premium will be.

Q: How do I report a claim?

A: You can report your claim by phoning our landline number, 

0861 01 04 01. We will send you the necessary forms and advise you on the procedures.

Q: What is the difference between building and content insurance?

A: Household contents covers what is inside your house, building insurance covers the brick and mortar, roof and fittings.

Q: Can I protect my possessions being removed from the house?

A: Yes, you can protect your possessions by taking out an All Risk Cover. This covers your possessions while they are out of your house.

Q: How much should I insure my home for?

A: Buildings should be insured for the rebuilding value. Hence, the sum insured must be enough to cover the cost of rebuilding your home. Contents consist of all the possessions inside your house and should be insured for the replacement value, i.e. how much it will be to replace all your contents with new contents today.

Q: Do I need to specify my laptop?

A: Yes, if you want it to be covered for accidental damage and theft, you need to specify your laptop and take out All Risk Cover. A desktop computer does not need to be specified and is automatically covered under the standard contents cover, unless it is taken out of your house. If you are running a business from home, these items should be placed under electronic equipment in order for the correct cover.

Q: What should I do if my circumstances change?

A: You must inform us as soon as possible about any changes in information, sums insured and any new facts that we should take into account when providing you with insurance cover.

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What Our Customers Say

Marianne thank you so much. Your efficiency and Nalene’s has been exceptional. I will be writing a formal letter of thanks soon. 

Kind regards

Thank you very much for all this information. You have clarified things for me and I can see the value you add as a broker. I have not come across an insurance company that actually tries to understand my unique requirements like you have!


Denise Helen Gordon

Kathy Lewis

I just received the iPhone 6s thank you very much again for your excellent service.  Considering the fact that I actually decided to consider it a loss, your kind and expert advice made a world of difference to me.


Div Lessing

Thank you so much for the awesome service as always. It is a pleasure working with 1 st Insurance  Brokers. You guys always go the extra mile and I am really impressed with the levels of professionalism!

Kind regards

Bernice Barnard

Interdependent Legal & Corporate Expert & Leadership Coach

Chief Financial Officer

Coal Marketing Services

It is not often that one of us is on the client side of  any of our businesses. Over the last 2 days Marianne has sorted out my geyser, jeep windscreen and arranged towing of the Land Cruiser.

I am extremely impressed with the quick and always friendly service. If all the 1st clients get treatment like this, the company is going to go far!

Well done to Marianne, I have experienced service well above my expectation!.


Dawie de Klerk  CA (SA)  

Managing Director

Digiata Technology Services

Head Office

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FREE Needs Analysis

so you don't waste your money on unnecessary cover while making absolutely certain that you're covered for what you really need.

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