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Cyber crime. It’s amazing how that phrase, completely foreign to most people less than a decade ago, now rolls so easily off our tongues. The reason is not so much that we’re great at embracing the constant evolution of the English language, but more because the spectre of cyber crime is now a daily occurrence in countries around the world. And the number of attacks is only going up. Experts predict damages related to cyber crime will cost the world a staggering $6 trillion annually by 2021. Read more...

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1. A Recipe For Avoiding Disaster.  

There Is one thing you can and must do In order to keep your restaurant protected from the risks and hazards that could permanently put you out of business.

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2. Cyber Crime In South Africa - You ARE At Risk!  

3. Vehicle Theft Scam Alert

We are aware of a new scam alert to steal vehicles which we would like to make you aware of particularly those who own high value vehicles such as Lamborghinis, and encourage them to be mindful and to report any suspicious behaviour to their nearest police station. Read More...

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